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Air Bubble

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Air Bubble


Designer : Takahiro Matsumura

The clear body looks like perfume bottle is contact lenses case. This product suggest you to use pure and beautiful case for lens that helps you to see the beautiful world. And this product will free you from the tedious sanitary care tasks by providing:

1. Simple design of the lid makes it easy to cleanse. You do not need to twist the cap off the case.

2. Save the storage space by lens case and medium bottle together.

3. Transparent bottle,you can check the stain easily.

The healthy vision come by appropriate eye care, and the highest quality of life for you come to contributing to a lifetime of healthy vision. Therefore, the case is designed clear so that it will shine by your daily care. The shine will reflect not only sanitary condition,but also valuation of yourself and your precious gift of beautiful sight. And I feel that the shine will reflect your pure sense too! I hope this product will help you to keep healthy vision and beautiful life.

Picture by Tomoyuki Tsuruta